10 FACULTY INFLUENCERS FOR PARENTS TO FOLLOW FOR TWITTER  If you’re a parent of a college-bound teen, you almost certainly feel overpowered. Where will you go for advice? How do you look for the information you need to assist? Where does one find help during the higher education prep process? These diez college influencers on Tweets (and a handful of others) can help you solve the issue. Follow these folks, ask questions and find all the information you need to go do through the higher education prep procedure. And it is going without saying, don’t forget to follow me! ( @SuzanneShaffer ): @Jodiokun Jodi is not only the bestselling journalist, speaker, businessperson and illustrator of #CollegeCash, she is your parent’s buddy. She doles out absolutely free financial aid advice n Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and on the exact blogs she contributes to. You can ask a question connected with Jodi, and you’ll get an answer. Collegevisit Kelly, the director of Smart College Pay a visit to, has a parent heart. She wants moms and dads to have the ideal tools readily available when visiting institutions and most lately, applying to faculty with her provider Smart University Consulting. Kelly has joined with other higher education prep gurus to give parents all the information they need to help youngsters along the way. Getcollege www.professionalessayhelp.com/ Seth would not mince words. He is a private college healthcare professional and using her platform, The College Whisperer, they tells this like it is.